Working in Thailand

Most of the foreigners here from English speaking countries are here as teachers. The majority of those jobs are to teach students how to speak English. You need, at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree in English or Linguistics. If you have a degree in something else, you will need ESL credentials as well as being a native English speaker in order to be hired. Keep in mind that the pay is probably a lot less. If you don’t have luck getting hired by a school, you might be able to teach lessons or be a tutor to gain some experience to make it easier to get a job down the line.

If teaching English isn’t your thing, there are other opportunities. If you have a degree or experience in the IT or computer science field, you will find there are jobs here for you as well. Your education and experience will definitely set you apart here and can help you find a job that you might not have been able to get back home.

If you have been to culinary school or are a good chef and want to learn authentic Thai cuisine while also earning a paycheck, you can work in some of the larger hotel kitchens and do fairly well for yourself. When you head back home, the time you spent here will be a valuable bullet on your resume.

Believe it or not, another good job here is for call centers. Many companies outsource their call center needs and there are a couple here in Thailand. Your native language skills will be a real advantage in that regard—especially if you can speak English and another language like Spanish or French.

There are a few other things that you will need to know in order to work here. Bear in mind that thanks to the Foreign Business Act here there are many things that you will not be able to do. For example, you cannot profit off of the land—you cannot be involved in farming or animal husbandry, nor can you work in Forestry. You can’t make sugar from cane, farm salt, or mine. many aspects of the media/journalism field, fisheries—especially fishing in Thai territorial waters, extracting Thai herbs, Thai antique dealing, and the making or casting of Buddha and alms bowls. In other words, if it is something that is culturally significant to Thailand, you probably can’t do it. For this reason, among others, I do not recommend you try to work here illegally. You should have the proper visa and work permits in order to do your job and be paid legally.

Make sure you do everything according to their rules and you should be able to support yourself just fine!