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Questions From Students

University Degrees On Line

Q: I have seen many ads for university degrees on line. What do you think of these?

A: There are many reputable universities that offer degrees on line. There are also university degrees on line that are either not very good or, in some cases, frauds. You need to be careful

In general, university degrees on line from established private and public schools are OK. The place should have an actual campus with real building, a lot of teachers and other students.

To get a real university degree on line takes work just like getting any other degree. If the school offers, for example, a BA degree in two weeks, you are almost certainly dealing with a disreputable business pretending to be a university. Not only may the degree be fake, but you may actually be cheated.

Do some research before you decide to get a university degree on line. That way you can be sure that you have the real thing.


Q: Why are so many foreigners fat?

A: First, let me say this. While Thais are generally thought of as being very indirect, they certainly aren't indirect about weight -- at least a man's weight. Comments are frequent and, while usually good natured, can be offensive.

But yes, indeed, the Western world, especially America, seems to have a problem with weight. Those fond of the word epidemic, might even say that obesity falls into that category. A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are the main causes.

In the years I have been in Thailand, I have noticed a distinct increase in the waistline of  urban Thais. The causes are the same and the resulting "epidemic" will be as bad, if people aren't careful.



Q: Which kind of English is better, British, American or something else?

A: There isn't a single one that is best. I would say that being consistent is important. Stick with one kind -- especially when writing.

Having said that, I should add that American English is the most prevalent in the world -- especially on the internet. On the other hand, British English has a certain aura about it that can impress people (or, on the flip side, cause some people to think you are putting on airs if you aren't careful).

Be yourself and go with what is most comfortable for you. Beware, however, that there are many differences -- some quite important.



Q: How important is grammar in writing?

A: The most important quality that writing should have is understandability. That is, your writing must be clear. Consequently, if your grammar is so poor that people misunderstand you or don't understand you at all, it is a serious problem.

On the other hand, if you have minor grammar errors that do not interfere with clarity, that is not a serious problem and can be taken care of with careful proofreading and editing.

Finally, in some cases the grammar may be correct but the person has used the wrong word. For example, "John is on the house" is correct but it is likely that the person really means "in the house." "John in house" is not good grammar but it is better (assuming that John is actually in the house).


Students are often very curious about online college degree programs. There are many online accredited degree programs to choose from, so students can take their pick. Now it's easier than ever to earn your degree online, so start researching today! 



Q: Why do foreigners come to teach in Thailand?

A: There are probably as many answers to that question as there are foreigners in Thailand.

Some come briefly and for adventure. Others come seeking work. Some come because of loneliness and, no doubt, some come for political reasons -- they don't like the political climate in their home country.

I came initially for academic, spiritual and adventure reasons. The moment I arrived I fell in love with Thailand. I still feel that way about this wonderful country and its people.

My family, my home and my life are here.